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Clinical Music Therapy is a clinical intervention which uses the healing power of music either in group or one to one situations.


Everyone has the ability to respond to music, and music therapy uses this connection to facilitate positive changes in emotional wellbeing and communication through the engagement in live musical interaction between client and therapist.

Ashwaas offer a range of training courses and qualifications.

Find more information on our courses:

Foundation in music therapy

Foundation in Music threapy

Split into five 2-hour modules & one 5-hour experiential day participants will:


1. Gain an understanding of music therapy and how it is used in various settings.

2. Be able to incorporate some of the tools & techniques learnt into their own therapeutic work with adults and/or children.

This course is a useful stepping-stone for anyone wishing to undergo the full Post Graduate training in Music Therapy

30hr online couse

45hr Online Course

Certificate in Music Therapy

This is a 45 hour online course made up of three stages and contains interactive and experiential elements.

PART 1: Understanding Music Therapy (10 hours)

Part 1 comprises 5 two-hour modules which aim to:

  • Give participants a thorough understanding of music therapy and how it is used in various settings.

  • Introduce some of the tools and techniques that music therapists use in their work both in one to one and group situations.

PART 2: Experiential Day (5 hours)

Part 2 comprises a 5-hour experiential day, focused on teaching a variety of therapeutic music activities that participants will be able to incorporate into their own therapeutic work with adults and/or children in a healthcare or community setting.

Participants who successfully complete parts 1 and 2 will gain 1 credit and a certificate of completion for the ‘Foundation in Music Therapy.’ This then qualifies them to continue on to part 3 for their ‘Certificate in Music Therapy’ which carries a further credit.

PART 3: Internship (15 hours)


Alongside theoretical knowledge we focus on practical experience and application. The internship is designed to be carried out in either the participants’ place of work if appropriate, or an appropriate organization such as a hospital, school or NGO.


Participants are Fully supported and supervised by certified clinical music therapists in this final internship period.

This course is offered in academic collaboration with St. Mira’s College for Girls, Pune (an autonomous college affiliated to the Savitribai Phule University, Pune)

Post graduate diploma

Post Graduate Diploma in Music Therapy

The Postgraduate Diploma in Music Therapy is a training program for musicians and health professionals who have successfully completed an undergraduate degree and have a musical background.

Students are guided systematically through a series of carefully designed steps towards professional competence, initially focusing on the clinical context of music therapy and the theory underpinning it, towards the practical implementation of knowledge and skills gained through supported clinical practice.

This is a one year full-time course which although mainly online, does require some face to face training.

Students will be taught to practise professionally and flexibly with a wide range of client presentations within the health system, education, social services and private sector.

Putting the posters at the end of each program may be considered but its not necessary)

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