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Our innovative and highly trained music therapists at Ashwaas, offer a range of group and one to one tailor-made music therapy packages to address the specific needs of individuals and groups, always with a holistic approach to healing in mind.

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Individual Music Therapy Services

We offer both online and face to face individual music therapy sessions for individuals of all ages.


An initial period of assessment is carried out to ascertain the needs of the individual and how music therapy can address those needs.

Individual music therapy services
Group Music Therapy Services

Group Music Therapy Services


We offer a range of tailor-made creative wellness packages for groups of people in both community and corporate settings, as well as various institutions such as school, hospitals and prisons.

Examples of areas we can work on in community/institutional settings:

  • Singing/Song writing projects for adolescents or adults with mental health issues.

  • Group musical improvisation programs to create group cohesion and improve relationships within a group setting

Examples of areas in corporate settings:

  • Includes work with employees and employers to improve performance measures and aspects such as creativity, expression, team building, conflict resolution and leadership.

  • Activities range from drum circles to the use of Supportive Music and Imagery. To find out more about what service we can provide based on your particular needs click here.

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